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Making Server-side Security Scans More Accessible.

The first scan is free! After that, from only ¥5 per scan

Run Scans Easily from Walti DashBoard
Team-based Web Safety Protection
Continuous Security Management
Use as an API
Impressive Low Costs

Run Scans Easily from Walti Dashboard

Server-side security scans tend to be put off as they are difficult to understand. With Walti, you can run scans simply by placing an activation file on the servers to be scanned.

Team-based Web Safety Protection

View and monitor your server security status as a team. Now is the time for the whole team, from managers to engineers, to understand and maintain its own security.

Continuous Security Management

Schedule periodic scans easily. By being constantly up-to-date with your security status, you can detect changes and implement timely measures.

Use as an API

Use it as an API to integrate with CI tools such as Jenkins. Using it as an API also enables you to implement more affordable security scans.

Impressive Low Costs

We enable you to do security checks from the amazing price of ¥5 per scan. It is also possible to customize scans by selecting scan type, scan frequency, and more based on website purpose and importance.


Web Price API Price
Web Server¥10¥8
Web App¥100¥80
(Price Per one Scan)

If you are thinking about outsourcing your security protection, we can introduce a variety of security solutions from Walti partners.

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