Making Server-side Security Scans More Accessible.

As cloud-based systems have started to become the norm, it has become much easier than ever before to use servers and start new web services. Even within this type of environment, when launching web services over the Internet, the ideal scenario is to have robust security measures in place.

However, there are many web services out there that have their security matters postponed due to technical and financial issues.

By making server-side security scans more familiar, we would like you to judge the importance of security measures.

First of all, Walti's role is to ensure that the security status of your servers and web sites can be visualized easily. Next, we give companies the ability to be aware of their security status at all times by enabling them to run affordable scans at continuous intervals. Then, once companies are fully aware of their security issues, we can introduce experts and security solutions as a way to resolve them, which ensures reliable security protection.

Our mission is to offer these services in order to increase the level of security of servers and web services around the world.


Masanori Fujisaki

After running his own private business for two years, he founded Heartbeats Co. Ltd. in 2005 while studying at university, taking the position of President and CEO. Worked as an infrastructure engineer for a variety of web systems. Established this company in July 2014, taking the position of President and CEO. Graduated from the University of Electro-Communications.

Michael H. Oshita

After gaining experience as CTO/COO in a number of IT venture companies, helped to establish this company as CTO in July 2014. Worked as a cloud engineer to implement solutions for AWS. AWS solutions architecture and specialist. Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley.


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